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jS Running - THE fitness app for music lovers!

jS Running has a stand out design which provides continuous readout of run stats for monitoring progress, without distraction, without complexity.

  • Rotatable Display - Adjustable display angle for optimum readability at a glance – perfect for armband use
  • Color Coded - Each run stats has it’s own color coded display screen shown once during a 20 second cycle
  • Gesture controls - Gesture controls for skipping through the different measurements & controlling music play back

The easiest to read run stats monitor ever!

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Xplorama - The Swiss Army Knife of Travel Apps!

Xplorama is a powerful, feature rich, lifestyle app. It combines the best features of the lifestyle, exploration and travel apps in one easy to use package.

If you are visiting a place for the first time and wants to explore what the area has to offer, Xplorama offers a wide variety of tools to help you get the most from your visit.

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Xplorama Easy to use interface - optimized for single handed use on the iPhone with minimal typing...

Playin' Safe The eye-catching easy-to-use music app that kicks up a gear when you do!

  • Innovative, glance free, “safe-mode” which kicks in when you go over a specified speed.
  • “Safe-mode” ideal to use while jogging or cycling or in car.
  • Change track or volume without having to look at screen.
  • Easy to use interface with large icons & fonts.
  • Extended Control for users with headsets or steering wheels with the basic functionality.
  • Optimized for iOS 7, iPhone 5+.

Playin' Safe Simple, streamlined music playback wherever you go.

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